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  • 1Click Login in the top-right corner.
  • 2Enter the email address and password you registered with
  • 3If you're don't wish to enter your details every time you visit Coach Assist, select the 'Remember me' option, however only when you’re on a private computer.
If you have forgotten your login credentials:
  • 1Click Password Reminder and enter your email address. You will be sent an email containing information about how to login.
  • 2Once you receive your password, login with those details.
  • 1Select Join from the menu.
  • 2Choose the membership category you would like to purchase.
  • 3Fill in your first name, surname, email address,mobile/contact phone number.
  • 4Type your club/school. If your club/school appears, select it, otherwise simply keeping typing.
  • 5If you enter a new club, you’ll need to type your league. If your League appears as you type, select it, otherwise simply keeping typing, then select which state it’s in.
  • 6Select your position at your club/school.
  • 7Create your password(minimum of 7 characters) and enter it twice.
  • 8Select your payment method - credit card, PayPal or cheque.
  • 9If you selected credit card payment, enter your card number, expiry date and your csc code which is displayed as the last 3 digits on the back of your credit card.
  • 10Read the "terms & conditions" and check the box to mark your agreement.
  • 11Once payment is successful, you'll see a confirmation screen. Clicking the continue button will take you to the member homepage and you’ll have immediate access to all resources.
  • 12If you selected to pay by cheque, we will activate your membership and notify by email once your cheque clears.
There are several ways to find drills in the Netball Coach TV library.
Drill Menu From the menu, drills are classified into 2 broad categories:-
  • 1Team Strategy - Game-based and tactical drills.
  • 2Skills - If there is a particular skill you want to work on.
Search The search tool allows you to refine your search for a particular drill or keep it more broad, it's up to you. You can search by:
  • 1Keyword - This allows you to search by drill name. Typing a word or part of a word will return all matches. If you enter something here, all other search fields are ignored.
  • 2Age - Search for drills suitable for your particular age group.
  • 3Distance - Search by short, medium or long based drills.
  • 4Type - Gamebased or Basic Skills. Depending on which of these options you click, you'll be presented with checkboxes to select individual team strategy or skills.
  • 5Team Strategy / Skills - Categories of particular team strategy / skills to choose from.
This lists returned will display the name of the drill, minimum players and age, the number of balls and cones needed and distance required to perform the drill. Clicking the drill diagram or name displays the drill. It can be then added to a session or printed.
Your diary contains all your fixtures and training sessions.
  • 1 The left hand margin contains a calendar which allows you to select any day. Days which have training sessions or fixtures scheduled will have a different colour background. When the page first loads, your next scheduled session will be displayed.
  • 2Click a day containing a saved session and the diary will load that day’s session(s). Edit, Print or Duplicate a session from buttons in the session header, or create a new session or fixture.
  • 3 If a session has been completed, you will be reminded to rate it. The benefit of this is you'll be able to easily remember which drills you like and want to use again, accessible via the Drills Liked button.
Season Setup

  • 1From your Diary, click the Season Setup button.
  • 2You will see grids for Opposition Clubs and Squad.
  • 3Click ‘Add Opposition Club’ and enter the club name and venue where matches are played and click Insert. Repeat this for all clubs.
  • 4If a club has been relegated or moved out of your competition, edit the club and untick the active checkbox.
  • 5Click ‘Add Squad Member’ and enter their number or position (abbreviate to 5 characters), first and lastnames and click Insert. Repeat this for all your players.
  • 6If a player from last season is no longer a member of your squad, edit the player and untick the active checkbox.
Fixture & Results
You'll need to perform Season Setup at the start of each season, prior to entering Fixtures and Results.
  • 1Choose Gameday >Fixture and Results from the menu.
  • 2Click ‘Add fixture’ and select the date and time, type of fixture, round number, opponent and whether home or away. Click Insert.
  • 3You can remove a fixture that has no result entered by clicking the delete ( X) button.
  • 4To edit a fixture, click the edit icon in the Fixture column.
  • 5To enter the result for a fixture, click the edit icon in the Result column.
    • 1Add the scores at the end of each period (or just the final scores) in the boxes at the top and click Save.
    • 2Enter best players by clicking ‘Add new best player’, selecting the player from your squad list and optionally entering how many votes they polled, the tallies will be displayed on the ‘Best and Fairest’ leaderboard.
    • 3Enter goalscorers by clicking ‘Add new scorer’, selecting the player from your squad list and what they scored. Their tally will be added to the ‘Top Scorers’ leaderboard.
To create a training session, select Training> Pro-Session-Generator from the menu.
Netball Coach TV provides two methods for creating training sessions. The first method is to pick the drills yourself, the second is to have {Site name}generate a session for you.
Method 1 - Selecting your own drills
  • 1Click the calendar button and select the session date.
  • 2Click the timebutton and select the session time.
  • 3Choose the 'I will choose/enter the drills myself' option.
  • 4Click 'Generate'.
  • 5A training session is created, with 2 items added (warm up and warm down).
  • 6To add a drills from Netball Coach TV:-
    • 1Click 'Drills > Search' from the menu, or browse using categories from the Drills menu.
    • 2Click on a particular drill. You will see a button 'Add to Session'. If there is only one upcoming session planned, click this button, or if you have several sessions, select the correct session date before clicking the button.
  • 7To add your own drill:-
    • 1Edit your Next Session
    • 2Click 'Add my Drill' button.
    • 3 Complete the drill details and click 'Save'.
  • 8Continue adding as many drills as you require.
  • 9You can modify the duration of any exercise by typing the new duration in the duration textbox and clicking the 'Update Duration' button.
Method 2 - Netball Coach TV tailored session
  • 1Click the calendar button and select the session date.
  • 2Click the time button and select the session time.
  • 3Choose the 'Let Netball Coach TV tailor a session for me' option.
  • 4Select the age group, session length, training space available and whether you wish to have competitive drills.
  • 5Select any particular areas or skills you wish to work on.
  • 6Click 'Generate'.
  • 7You will be directed to the session view page which displays your generated session. You can make any changes you want, such as adding or removing drills and changing the drill duration.
If you (a) click 'edit' on any session in your Diary, (b) create a new training session you will arrive at the session edit page. From this page, you have a number of functions you can perform.
  • 1Diary: Returns you to your Training Diary which has all your sessions.
  • 2Reschedule: Allows you to change the date and time of this session. Click the 'Change Date' and ‘Change Time’ buttons to change the date and time respectively.
  • 3Print Session: Clicking the ‘Print’ button sends the session plan to your printer.
  • 4Duplicate: Copy this session’s plan to another session. Click the 'Set Date' and ‘Set Time’ buttons to change the date and time respectively, and click ‘Create Session’.
  • 5Remove: Removes this session from your diary.
  • 6New Session: Create a new training session.
  • 7Reorder drills: Change the order of the drills by using the dropdown selects in the 'order' column.
  • 8View a drill: Click on either the diagram thumbnail or drill name to open the drill for viewing in a new window.
  • 9Edit duration: Change the duration of a drill by typing a new value in the textbox in the 'Duration' column and click 'Update Duration'.
  • 10Delete drill: The red 'X' will remove this drill from your session.
  • 11Drill Search: A link to the window to find drills in the Coach Assist library.
  • 12Add My Drill: If you want to add one of your own drills to your session, click this and fill out the drill order, type, name, duration, and optionally the team strategy/skills and click 'save'.
Completed Sessions
If you click on a session which has already been completed there is some additional information you might want to record to help you remember the session and drills used.
  • 1Drill rating: Instead of being able to update drill duration, you will now see a star rating system alongside each drill. Rate each drill by clicking the stars. Down the bottom you will see 'Re-use drill rated'. This is used to set the score drills must reach to be worthy of re-use. For example if you set this value to 4 stars and you rate a drill 3 stars, it will not be saved to your ‘Drills Liked’ list, however if the drill rating is equal or better than your 'Re-use drill rating', it will be added to your ‘Drills Liked’ list which is accessible from the Diary.
  • 2# on track:How many players trained in that session.
  • 3Notes: Any other information you want to remember about the session.
To contact a Netball Coach TV staff member, choose 'Contact' from the menu and complete the details of your query, leaving your name, email address and your message. Don't forget to leave a contact telephone number if you want us to call you.

A staff member will endeavour to answer your query as soon as possible.
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